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Enfermo en Bolivia (not well in Bolivia)

8 Nov 2012

I didn't sleep well at all the entire night woking up nearly every hour drinking water and going to toilet. Plus i had this terrible headache the whole entire night.

I think Martina didn't sleep well with me feeling unwell the entire night. I even told her that morning i just wanted to stay in bed before we went down stair for breakfast and checkout. I could only remember her telling me: 'oh god, not now.' And she gave me diamox (altitude sickness tablet) to take.

Yeah, i think i'm officially off not suitable for high altitude. Thank god nothing has happened to me apart from vomitted once on the coach to the Peruvian border to Bolivia. We took the ferry across the border to Bolivia and stopped at Copacabana!! But, i didn't take any photos or eat much that day.

As soon as we got in La Paz and checked into our hotel, i just rested and slept the day.

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Vuelvo a Puno

7 Nov 2012

After one night home stay at the host family, we had breakfast with the host mother who spoke very little English!! Luckily with my basic Spanish skill, we finally understood she wanted us to help her to remove husks from the maize! think that morning Martina and I were having fun to use their specially made 'wadan' (stone made instrument/ tool to help her to do some of the host mother's duties! After that we had lunch with the host mother. The lunch was very simple just vegetarian no meat and its alwsys the crop which they grow. Then, the host mother took us to the port where we would meet the rest of our group to go back to Puno.

On our way back to Puno via ferry, our ferry stopped in Lake Titicaca for some people of our group members to swim !! I should have tried but I didn't. I supposed it was just too cold to get changed.

We had our last dinner in Puno tonight as we would cross the border to La Paz, Bolivia tomorrow.

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Exploro Lake Titikaka

6 Nov 2012

We left the hotel early as we knew that we would be taking a 'lancha' (ferry) to Lake Titikaka and then to Amantani Island for a home stay tonight.

We were surprised when we got out our hotel and saw a row of rickshaws in front of the hotel. Then, we realised that we woukd be taking the rickshaws to the sea port!! It was fun to being on the rickshaws and especially when we are at the intersection where cars don't realky respect the red traffic lights!!

Laka Titikaka is huge!! It is the highest lake in the world and also the largest lake in South America. We had a new local tour guide who was very good to explain the history of the Lake Titikaka to us. He also taught us a few local dialets ie Quechua and Aymara as he explained that our host famalies dont speak much English .

Basically, we have been offerred by the locals to stay at their home for 1 night. There would be no shower for one day and we would help the family whenever we can...

On way to the Amantani island, we stopped by some of 'man made' floating islands!! It is absolutely how amazing the traditions are still being preserved and these floating islands are made of local reeds!! Sadly, as explained by our tour guide that this tradition may not be continued for long as some of these people and their children are getting more educated and they usually work in the cities rather than in the islands...

I did't realise that we were going higher than Cusco as the island we home stayed is more than 4000m above... i guess i should be alright with the high altitude. Think at one point we even reached 4800m where we had lunch overlooking the tranquil Lake Titikaka. When we reached the island, we invited to play soccer with the local school kids at the Amantani Island!! Can't you believe that i kicked two goals!!


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Noche Puneno (Night Puno Anniversary)

5 Nov 2012

Day 11, we finally said goos bye to Cusco and Machu Picchu today. We took the local bus to the next city called Puno which is about 6hrs ride.

The tour guide has warmed us to watch our luggages and bags at the local bus stop. He told us that our bus would be 'luxury'...

On our way to Puno, we saw a lot of incomplete houses and buildings which we later learnt that Peruvians need to pay huge taxes once the house is complete!! This explaun why most houses are incomplete.

We were lucky when we reached Puno as the town happened to celebrate their 400 years old anniversary. So, there would be lots of traditional dances on the street!!

From today onwards, i don't have any more altitude sickness tablets... think i should be acclimatised now to the altitude....

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Un dia pasado en Cusco (last day in Cusco)

4 Nov 2012

Today is the last day in Cusco - free day.

We took the day easy and did pretty much nothing apart from some shopping...

Went to the post office to enquire about sending some stuff home. We nearly fainted when we were told it would cost $60aud/kg to send stuff home.

Visited the art craft centre... yeah more shopping...


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