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Recuperacion (recovery)

29 Oct 2012

Day 4 i woke up in the hospital and i felt like i wanted to go home... i had my appetite which was good and the doctor cinfirmed i had attitude sickness plus some sort of food poisoning. But, my food poisoning was self control as blood test results showed my white blood cells had gone down the next day!!

They had to do some tests on me as i told them that i would be doing the Inca Trail trek which i then later decided not to go ahead with it.

I went back to the hotel around 5pm.

Hurray, i survived... Estoy muy agradecida (i'm so grateful).

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Hospital en Cusco

28 Oct 2012

Day 3 was when we flew to Cusco, which is 3400m above sea level with a population of approx. 800,000 ppl. Its major source of income comes from tourism because its thequickiest way to get to Machu Pichu. Otherwise, it will take nearly 1 day by car from Lima passing through these mountainous ranges!

We arrived at Cusco around 12:30pm and checked into our hotel around 1pm. The tour guide has asked us to rest in the hotel before we went out for lunch. So, at 2:45pm, we walked to the Plaza for lunch... Our hotel is very convenient and the hotel staffs are very friendly. When we got to the restaurant, i suddenly felt nausea and unwell. The tour guide took me to the toilet and asked me to breath some kind of alcohol essence to make me feel good. Then, they decided to take me to the hospital.

When i got to the hospital, my blood pressure was very low! So, they gave me oxygen and put me on drip... Que divertido!! Ma ma mia!!

I spent my day 3 in Cusco hospital and slept the whole entire day!

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Productivo dia en Lima

Day 2 in Lima was very packed and full on as it was our last free day in Lima. Our stay at Sonesta hotel was awesome - 2 big rooms w nice big breskfast! ! As this is our last day in Lima, we chose the places we wanted to visit. Went to plaza mayor (at the down centre of lima) . The plaza is sudrounded by architectual buildings. We were lucky to get to watch thd changing guards ceremony! It is certainly grand as it lasted for about 20 mins! There were matching bands n armies performance.

Then, we visited la cathedral and san franciso cathedral . San francisco cathedral is listed in the world heritage list n the basement is a cementary with over 700000 ppl were buried. They believed they might be more bodies/ skeletons but excavation was ceased due to the potential damage of the undeground may damage these architecture buildings above the cementary.

The last visit was to museum rafael larco which contains the collections of ancient textiles, ceramics and even lots of erotic statues. LOL. So, they have a special section called erotic gallery!!

Catching taxii has always been a challenge for us. They dont have the metre so we always hsve to bargain for the taxi fee before we go on. Guess who we asked to help us tobhail a taxi! We asked a policeman to help us to get to meseum larcobfrom doen town city!! And we paid the best fee ever.

Going to cuzco the next day... so going to bed.

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La cultura Lima!

Lima is very dusty and dry as it is still part of the Atacama desert! Our frist day was 'bien' as we first had a very helpful English speaking driver who showed us the coastal part of Lima city on way to our hotel and then this very nice Peruvian woman who helped us to offer our Peruvian lunch!! It was our best meal since we arrived in South america and i wrote down the names so that i can order them again! The lunch came with entre, main course and a drink which costed us around us$4! Dont think we will pay this local price once we start our tour!
Walked to Huaca Pucllana , a famous ancient city which was found in Lima city. It was interesting . Because lima is so close to the coast , their artefacts have like sharks and waves patterns.

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Bienvenido Santiago!

Stopover in Santiago

I have finally arrived in Santiago after 2 stopovers! Thanks to Martina's instructions, i had no troubles to get to my hotel! And without much rest, i went straight to el centro of Santiago - Plaza de Armas for the 4 hour free guided walking tour! Think i was sleep deprived and by the end of the trip, i just wanted to go straight back to the hotel! Thank god our hotel is also in the city! Going to have an early night for another early morning flight again.

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